Our Training Products

The key to passing exams is Practice, Practice, Practice and Accountancy Aid’s unique Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting Training Software enables you to do this successfully – all at your very own pace.

Each very affordable Product covers a distinct group of subjects. For example the Basic Accounting Product covers double entry bookkeeping, the ledgers, the trial balance and journals, accruals and prepayments plus much more.

The Elements of Cost Product covers materials issues and stock levels, labour remuneration methods, overheads – allocation, apportionment and absorption, and more. Click on the Shop page for a full list of the contents of each Product.

Our Products have been created by Roger Storey, author of Introduction to Cost and Management Accounting and contributor to Accountancy Magazines over many years.

As a Lecturer in both Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting, and a former Chief Examiner and founder of a successful Accountancy Practice, you can rely on the content of our Products to give you a thorough understanding of the subject matter plus the facility to Practice, Practice, Practice.