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This unique system has been created by Roger Storey, author of Introduction to Cost and Management Accounting and contributor to Accountancy Magazines over many years.

As a Lecturer in both Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting, and a former Chief Examiner and founder of a successful Accountancy Practice, you can rely on the content of our Products to give you a thorough understanding of the subject matter plus the facility to Practice, Practice, Practice.

No more guesswork! This training software covers all the modules you need to pass your exams

Elements of Cost

The subjects covered in Elements of Cost are: Materials – Stock Control Levels, Materials Issues, Evaluating Closing Stocks Labour – Remuneration methods, Time-based, Premium schemes, staff turnover Overheads – Allocation of overheads, apportionment methods, absorption methods, over and under absorbed overheads Manufacturing account – format and calculations


Cost Accounting Methods

The subjects covered in Cost Accounting Methods are: Marginal Costing – Fixed and Variable Costs, Semi-variable Costs, Contributions and C/S% ratio, decision-making techniques, breakeven charts Job Costing – Job cost estimates, Job Accounts and Job Profit Statements Contract Costing – Contract Accounts, Notional Profits, Attributable Profits calculations Process Costing – Process Accounts, Abnormal Gains and Losses, Valuing work in progress techniques Activity Based Costing – Classifying Costs into activities, absorbing overheads using ABC Cost bookkeeping – Integrated Accounts, Interlocking Accounts, Reconciliations


Planning and Control

The subjects covered in Planning and Control​ are: Marginal Costing Standard Costing – Setting Standards, Production and Sales Variances, Performance Indicators, Standard Cost Bookkeeping Budgets – Preparing a Sales Budget, preparing a Production Budget, Flexible Budgets, Cash Budget Investments decisions – Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, Payback Method, Accounting Rate of ReturnRatios – Profitability Ratios, Liquidity Ratios, Activity Ratios, MAT’s, Index Numbers, Seasonal Variations


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